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architectureThe History & Future of Surface Refinishing for Historic Preservation

IBIX® lightweight, portable aluminum units incorporate a low pressure micro-air abrasion system. Perfect for restoring delicate structures, historic assets, statues, antiques and furniture. Our systems effectively remove lime scale from foundations, graffiti from buildings, dirt and grime from virtually any surface. IBIX North America's units work exceptionally well on brick, stone, marble, concrete and even extremely fragile surfaces such as travertine. With the patented Helix gun it can be used safely on metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, precious metals and wood.

Membership in the Restoration Society
IBIX is a member of the RIA, Restoration Industry Society and works hand in hand with local Historic and Government entities to preserve our heritage for the next generation. ASSORESTAURO, Italy preservation of Cultural Heritage.

We are the recommended equipment for Historic Restoration projects by:
Architect, Rosa Lowinger, Principal and Chief Conservator of RLA
Western Specialty Contractors, America's Master Craftsmen
AP Historic Preservation Officer,Mary Oehrlein, FAIA, LEED,
Architect of the Capitol Washington DC 



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RIARestoration Industry Society

ASSORESTAUROItaly preservation of Cultural Heritage
Architect, Rosa Lowinger
Architect, Rosa LowingerPrincipal and Chief Conservator of RLA
Western Specialty Contractors
Western Specialty ContractorsAmerica's Master Craftsmen

Historic Preservation Projects Around the World

IBIX Systems have been used for years to clean, restore and preserve cultural heritage assets all around the world.Including:
Washington D.C.: Capital Hill, Longworth, IBIX equipment using soda on aluminum castings
Washington D.C.: Daughters of the American Revolution, Helix nozzle cleaned stone with calcium carbonate
Washington D.C.: National Park Service, IBIX equipment has been used on many Monuments including The White House
Galveston, TX: Historic Pleasure Pier, Philadelphia, PA: Museum of Art / Rodin Museum & Merchants Exchange Building
New York City, NY: High Bridge, New Brunswick, NJ: St. Peter the Apostle
Rome: Imperial Forum (1 century AD), Cleaning of stone, mortar and travertine without damaging 2000 year old surfaces
Paris: Eiffel Tower (XIX century AD), Cleaning stone pillars to preserve world famous tower
Vatican City: St. Peter's Basilica, Restoration of St. Peter's Colonnade
Istanbul: Italian Embassy in Turkey (17th Century AD), Removal of 3 protective layers and stone cleaning, achieved by dry blasting with garnet mineral

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Historic Preservation

IBIX Italy: Conservative Cleaning of Cultural Heritage Assets 

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