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presidentWords from the President, August 25, 2016

We have come a long way since our initial introduction of IBIX Surface Technologies back in late 2011. Humbly renting a 500 square foot office on Seminole Boulevard in Seminole, Florida and putting 223,000 miles on our Jeep, pulling a trailer across the nation to make contractors aware of our unique IBIX blast and portable thermal coating systems until the engine blew up. We got smart and switched to a Dodge 1500. It was exciting to see the nation by way of the road and I now understand what they mean by the phrase "Road Warrior".

Motel and hotel beds get really old, really fast. However, the demonstrations of showing our units started to pay off. The second year into our new venture, we quickly started to show profit by exhibiting at 15 expos a year in various industries including planes, trains & automobile restoration, building restoration, fire & mold remediation, water & power plant maintenance, offshore oil & gas rigs, pool & pipe coating and specifically American historic preservation of buildings and monuments as we work hand in hand with architect specialists. This is where our low pressure, NON-destructive cleaning methods and precision systems come into play.

After renting the remaining Seminole office space in 2013, we could no longer stay and moved to Largo, Florida into a 5000 square foot warehouse, shared with a car restoration company, with offices to accommodate our growth and better serve our growing distribution network of specialists.

3 years later, in the beginning of 2016, we could no longer stay, as we utilized every inch of every corner. It was not possible for our trucks to supply systems, having difficulty to maneuver pallets in and out of our smaller warehouse. For shipments and added complimentary product lines, we moved into a newer, larger, stand-alone warehouse, now with 20,000 square feet, including larger offices and the opportunity to create a large training area.

The most important and vital goal to our success is not just the brand new technology that is fueling our customers, but the support and top notch service they receive in the shortest time frame. It is not the sale that is important but the success and function of the systems for our customers to be safe and successful. This is only possible with a qualified staff that can support our various industry specialists with qualified answers and parts, as well as a full training on all of the equipment and materials we offer. Once the systems are sold, we train and certify all of our IBIX distributors, agents and their customers on the safest use of our equipment for guaranteed best results. We also offer in-house repair services and a hotline for troubleshooting any situation (727-776-4646). Furthermore, we have a portal on our website, www.IBIXUSA.com for training videos, maintenance instructions and a training guideline on the usage of materials to various surfaces. The success of our clients is very important to us.

Our small start-up company, IBIX Surface Tech, has grown into what is now known as IBIX North America, the largest national supplier of IBIX complete parts and systems for North America. We offer the "total solution package" for America from surface preparation systems with the correct abrasive, to coating systems with the correct corrosion protective coating and complimentary compressor lines with attachments, dryers, vacuums and an engineering department for custom fab special applications. Our systems are unique being portable, all aluminum and with precision gun attachment options.

In order to achieve the best service level for our valued clients, we have long term contracts with strategic distribution specialists for USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, parts of South America and Trinidad and Tobago.

Our long term international relationships with strategic suppliers are most appreciated for our continual success.

I want to thank my team of employees who go far beyond what is expected to help our clients, giving them the best service possible, making this company what it is today... a full success.

We are proud to be an American start-up company supporting our Veterans and Law Enforcement Agencies around the nation as they are keeping our families safe to ensure the success of all.

God Bless America

Robert G. Langhans

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